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Welcome to my strategy blog for government and private sector leaders, professionals of all backgrounds in international relations, security, information and intelligence, and anyone else interested in these issues.

Three times a week on average, or 150 times a year, I provide you with first-hand analysis of the major issues of political risk, geostrategic threats and what responses to bring.

I also offer you original prospective studies on the main factors of change—and often of rupture—of the world order. I help you identify the widespread discourses aiming to distort the reality of the world, to avoid being fooled by them.

This strategic blog is intended to be informative. It brings you in-depth insights into the most decisive strategic issues of our time that may have far-reaching consequences, with a constant focus on what can be done. It doesn’t indulge in commentary for the sake of commentary, since the goal is primarily operational. Analysis is only meaningful if accompanied by a draft road-map.

Am I neutral? No, because no one can be totally neutral. However, my concern is to seek out the truth—and in doing so, to reveal the way in which information can be manipulated. Here everyone will undoubtedly agree: holding truth as a core value is not a neutral position, because it goes hand in hand with the defense of fundamental rights.

Enjoy your read, and thank you warmly for your support!

Nicolas Tenzer

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Security and international issues and political risk analysis


Nicolas Tenzer has had a long career as a senior civil servant in France, and is a senior expert in international and security issues. Non-resident senior fellow at Center for European Policy Analysis, he is guest professor at Sciences-Po Paris.