Sitemap - 2023 - Tenzer Strategics

Kairos and Decision

Foreign Policy, Cretinism and Decadence

Confusion and Polarization At Home and Abroad

The Trouble, the Noise and the Message: Do the Allies Want To Win the War?

How Democracies Let the World Become a Lawless Order

Countering Russia’s Horizontal War

Regaining Georgia After Victory in Ukraine

If The United States Disappears…

How To Recognize A (Sometimes Unwitting) Kremlin Enabler ?

Is The United States An (Ir)Responsible Power?

International Expertise: Scientific Truth and Strategic Non-Neutrality

Breaking the Russian Embargo on Ukrainian Grain

Glitter, Smokes and Mirrors, and Death: The NATO Summit and the Failure To Correct Course That Followed

From Kyiv to Vilnius: Those Five Hundred Days That Should Never Have Been

The Murdered Writer and the Stain of Our Unconsciousness

Russia: the Cupola Versus the State?

Strategic Amnesia

Let’s Stop Rehashing the Narrative of a Third World War

From Ukraine With Love

Twenty Theses on Democracies’ Post-Russian Defeat Strategy—Part Three

Twenty Theses on Democracies’ Post-Russian Defeat Strategy—Part Two

Twenty Theses On Democracies’ Post-Russian Defeat Strategy—Part One

Any Re-Engagement With Assad’s Syria Would Be Complicity With the Crime Against Humanity

On Ukraine and Russia: Let’s Dare to Take a Long-Term View—and a Strategy

Vladimir Kara-Murza: Our Conscience and the Living With Freedom

Combating Sanctions Circumvention

The UN, the Criminal and International Law

On War Diplomacy

One Year, Nine Years: Ending a War Without End?

Morality and Foreign Policy: the Strategy of Confusion

Abrams and Leopards Are Welcome, But Do Not Make the Strategy

Understanding the War