Sitemap - 2021 - Tenzer Strategics

Memorial, Universality, Freedom, and Our Sin

What Does Vladimir Putin Want?

Fogs of War or Smoke and Mirrors Tactics?

Historical Comparisons Can Lead to Strategic Errors

The Alliance of Dictatorships Against Liberal Democracies: a Reality?

Welcome to the Refugees!

Covid-19 and the Tension of the World

Does NATO have a Future without a Reaffirmed Alliance?

Who is the Real Winner in the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict?

How Can Each Singular Person Shape Foreign Policy and Its Understanding?

What the Countries of Central and Eastern Europe Must Teach Us

Will Turkey Ever Become Our Ally Again?

Can the Fight Against Terrorism Contribute to Building New Alliances?

The Russian State vs. France: Let’s Not Let Foreign Powers Interfere in the Justice of Free Countries

Are There Years Zero in History?

Are There Good Practices in Strategic Planning in Foreign Policy?

War Lands vs. Peace Zones: a New Division of the World?

Does the American Withdrawal From Afghanistan Signal the Time For a Geostrategic Europe?

The Misadventures of a Restrictive Notion: The National Interest

Why Afghanistan’s Fate Is Not Primarily A “Regional” Issue

Do Western Societies Have the Capacity To Resist Foreign Threats?

Does It Still Make Sense to Talk About the World Order?

A World Without a Present

Make Biden European Again

Will the West Be Able to Win the War of Narratives Against Dictatorships?

Corruption and Foreign Influence: Time To Be Consistent

Syria: Will the West Ever Take Its Strategic Defeat Seriously?

Why the Prospect for Ukraine to Join the European Union and NATO Must Be Seriously Considered

Is Germany in Danger of Becoming Europe’s Weak Link?

How Can France Design Its Foreign Policy?

Do 20-Year Forecasts in the Field of International and Security Policy Tell Us Anything Interesting?

Lawfare: Weapon of the Future or Sting of the Fly?

How Well Can (Democratic) Governments and International Organizations Communicate About Foreign Policy?

Why the Recognition of Crimes for Which There Is No Statute of Limitations Is Crucial for the Security of Democracies

Democracy in the Middle East

What’s At Stake With Belarus?

Is EU Enlargement Policy Brain Dead?

How Can Ministries of Foreign Affairs Frame a Strategy of Influence?

Can the EU Achieve Strategic Autonomy?

Is the U.S. Truly Back?

How Realistic is Realpolitik?

Why is Political Risk Analysis So Often Blind?

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